Friday, 3 February 2012

Double cuddle!

So it turns out I really do wish i'd shoved the doctor off Xander. He arm was all swollen the next day - they thought it may have been as he was leaning on it but it was because the canula was in wrong. Deep breath. Do not punch the doctor. Calm.

They took it out and another doctor put a new one in his other arm - poor little thing. His Oxygen requirement has gone up too so he's had no sipap breaks for a few days. The doctors think it's because he may have fluid in his lungs again so he's back on diaretics. This will mean he'll probably loose too much sodium again and need more in an IV...apparently having fluid on the lungs is something they grow out of but if he doesnt then he'll have to go back on to the big ventilator tube. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN. He also had another blood transfusion so hopefully that'll help his oxygen.

As he's not been off Sipap for a while he now has a cut on his nose from the mask :(

The nurse this morning was giving him a little wash with cotton wool and warm water and was so lovely to him speaking to him so gently and stroking him. She took the mask off and put a different kind of prong mask in so his nose could recover. Some of the nurses there seem to love our boys so much. She washed his little face and it looked almost as if he was smiling. So nice to see his face again. His sad little eyes lit up for a bit which was nice to see.

By the end of the day he was in his favourite position on his tummy all scrunched up and he was saturating a little better. He was sucking his fingers and the nurse gave him a little dummy. It's so tiny! Like Joseph, he didnt understand what to do with it so let it hang out of his mouth. It's by his bed for when he's ready to use it. Come on baby Xander, we're praying you get strong again and that we can have more cuddles with you and see your little face. Sleep well my little boy.

Joseph was so sweet today, showing off with 4 hours off sipap! He loves stretching and yawning and doesnt cry when I change his nappy. He poo'd three times whilst I was changing his nappy yesterday! I wasn't sure what to do at first and thought there may be something wrong with him but apparently this is normal...I have so much to learn about being a mummy! I swear he was laughing at me whilst I broke into a hot sweat trying to change him.

I held the boys together for the first time day before yesterday..such an amazing feeling having them both down my top. Luckily there's quite a lot of room down there! Joseph could smell the milk and was trying to niggle down and Xander's mouth was hanging wide open so I had to hold it closed for him (as it makes his sat levels lower when its open) so it was a little bit awkward but I'm desperate to do it again as soon as Xander is a bit better.

In other news, the boys have a new little cousin!! Baby Molly was born on 1st Feb and is just beautiful! She weighs 7 lbs 15 and has so much hair! She has no tubes coming out of her at all as she's so healthy and is just perfect. Funny how that's now how I judge how healthy a baby is! Can't wait to introduce her to the boys one day. Luca knows his cousins names and with his little lisp, they're Thander and him!

I've just read over some of my entries and it's odd as I spend the day being so emotional - up one minute and down the next, trying not to get too upset or too happy as things can change so quickly but I write so factually...the truth is that by the time i'm home i'm so tired, I have no energy left to think about how or what i'm writing! Hoepfully that lets me off the hook with any typos too!

So relieved it's the weekend and Matthew will be around when we see the boys  - he makes everything seem ten times lighter and easier to deal with. He also makes the nurses laugh (such a charmer) which is great as I think that the more they like us, the nicer they'll be to our boys! Here's to a good weekend ahead with our little monkeys.

Xander with puffy eyes and cut on his nose from the sipap

 Joseph having a good stretch

 Kisses from daddy


  1. Sending you lots of love and support for the weekend. Enjoy every minute with the two little monkeys and remember to give them lots of cuddles and kisses all the way from Brasil...oh and tell them that Rafael is waiting to play. I show him the photos and he says Xander and Joseph! You all continue in our prayers. Beijos,

  2. Poor Xander with his little nose! I am sure it will heal in no time once he is off the sipap. Thinking of you all lots and wishing you a lovely weekend all together.

    Loads of love to you all,

    Bec. xx