Monday, 13 February 2012

Big boys

We've both been so overwhelmed by the amount of cards we've got from our friends and family - everyone has been just so kind and it's so comforting to know we have such support around us. We've also received some beautiful presents for the boys which we cant wait to give them when they come home - everyone has been so generous.

The weekend was mixed. On Saturday we got in to the hospital and I asked if we could give Xander a nose break. This means I hold oxygen to his face rather than have his hat on and it running directly up his nose. When the nurse took the hat off, it was clear that once again the hat was on too tight and the tube that runs off the hat had been digging in to his head. His head was completley dented in and was all swollen around it. I know their heads are soft still but this was absolutely unacceptable. I obviously had a few tears but more than anything I was so angry that no one had spotted it. The nurses are under staffed at the moment so maybe she wasnt looking at him as closely as I did but she should have been. Our babies are the yougest most vulnerable babies there so they should be observed at all the time. They need to stop looking only at the monitors and look at our babies. If he's suffering or uncomfortable then of course he's going to need more oxygen . I showed her his head and was clearly really upset to see it - she didnt directly apologise but for the rest of the day she was overly attentive and didnt really leave their sides. I'll be speaking to the matron again this afternoon and will need some reassurance that i'm being taken seriously. I'm fed up now of seeing these errors. The nurses are excellent and do care for the babies but something as tiny as their hats digging in cant be overlooked - its not acceptable.  I feel so guilty every time I leave them to go home and now I feel even worse as I dont trust the staff to look after them properly.  Rant over. Later that day, they also said Xander would need another blood transfusion.

Joseph was a little up and down on his O2 - he's still having his one hour off, 4 hours on but his O2 levels aren't really coming down much.

The doctors want to speak to us about a plan of action as they've plateaued this week - they're just not progressing. This will probably mean more of the 'last resort' medicine for Joseph and maybe Xander taking in his first dose of it. I really dont want this for them but obviously if they need it to get better then they must have it.

We were both quite down to hear that and I was so upset having seen Xanders head and news about his blood transfusion but there was at least some good news. Just before we left on Sunday they weighed the boys and they've both put on weight! Xander is 1100 grams and Joseph is 1080 grams - just over 2lbs! Well done my baby boys!

Joseph about to be weighed

Joseph - kisses from dad


  1. Poor little Xander...can't imagine how upsetting that must have been!! Really pleased that they both put on weight...each day a little closer to taking them home! Can't wait for them to be big enough to wear the bodies I sent! :D Will be SO cute! Thinking of you all every day and praying that they get stronger and stronger!! Lots of love, Soph!

  2. So sorry to hear about Xander but your point about the nurses looking at the monitors and not the babies is an excellent and profound one ... thinking of you all ... Patricia

  3. Well done for pointing it out to them Soph. That can't go undetected. As you say, so unacceptable. I would be tempted to out a note on their cots saying 'mummy wants you to please check my hat!'. Just a thought.

    GREAT news about the boys putting on weight. They are in cohoots! Onwards and upwards from here honey!

    Stay strong.

    Love Bec. xx