Friday, 10 February 2012

Hair do's

I got in to the hospital and it was nurse Debbie on shift. Yes! She always looks after the boys so well. She said that when she arrived Xander was so swollen he couldnt open his eyes, he had poo on his sheets and his mouth was all dirty. He was on 40% oxygen. She said that his Sipap hat was on so tight that it had left marks on his head and swelling all around it. FURIOUS. There had been a trainee on overnight who obviously didnt know how to care for him properly. He was on shift with a fully trained nurse so she should have done something about it too and to be fair I had been telling the nurses the last two days that he looks swollen and nothing was done about it.

Debbie had changed his hat to a bigger size and cleaned his mouth and sheets by the time I got there. His O2 requirements dropped immediately which is great and shows he was obviously uncomfortable and struggling as the hat was too tight for him in the night which makes me so sad for him . So cross that no one had spotted this before. I hate any kind of confrontation but something had to be said so I explained what had happened to the matron in charge and she apologised and said she would feed back to the nurse looking after him. I told her that I now feel very nervous about leaving the boys with anyone I've not seen care for them before and she said she understood and would do her best to sort the situation out. Hopefully she'll think twice before putting a trainee on shift with the youngest and sickest babies in her unit.

Debbie had Xander down to 32% in no time - such great news. Joseph was around the same and the doctors took an x ray to check all was ok. It showed the same as before and they need to keep an eye on his very premature lungs for any changes. He also needs to put on weight as he's lost another 10grams poor little sparrow. They're going to look at his sodium levels to see if that would help.

Highlight of the day was watching Debbie look after our boys so so well. She thinks of every detail and its so nice to know that they're being cared for properly. She cared for them so well that she helped me give Joseph a little bath! I loved it! He wasnt so sure at first and then settled in to it. We washed his hair and she spiked it right up for a photo! He almost looked like he's laughing in the photo - so sweet!

We gave Xander a bed bath so as not to disturb him too much. We washed his hair too and moisturised their skin as it was a little dry from all the hot air being pumped in to the incubators. They both looked so much happier once they were clean and had their hair styled! Such a lovely afternoon with my babies.

Washing Joeys hair over the bath

Joey about to taste my milk on his lips - he liked it!

Spikey hair!

Looks like he's laughing along with us!

Xander having his hair washed

Xander with spikey hair - still quite swollen


  1. Poor little thing, Soph..I would have been livid too!!! I hope they sort that out nice and quick. Poor little Xander...all swollen like that!! I hope he is already doing better!! Loved the spikey hair, what a looker! :D Here's hoping for a good weekend for the 4 of you. Hope you are doing well and staying strong!!! Lots of Love!!!

  2. Completely addicted to reading how you are all doing and even though I read this from my sofa in Los Angeles I wanted to come over and sort out the trainee nurse ... Love Patricia