Friday, 17 February 2012

Happy days!

What a great day! Both boys did so well and their oxygen levels came right down. Xanders levels were down in the thirties for most of the day and I even got a cuddle! Michelle was looking after him and was brilliant. She's looked after him a lot and knows what helps him to settle and what he likes. She sorted out his incubator bed so he was tucked up in a little ball just how he likes it and just like he was in my tummy. After changing his nappy he normally starts to desaturate (loose oxgen in his blood) and after a big nappy change in the afternoon Michelle was facing his sipap monitor. She asked me to guess what he was on. I guessed "43" . She told me to come and have a was at 27!! Good boy! That only lasted a few minutes but still, the fact that he was down in the 20's in amazing progress!

Joseph also did briliantly and his lowest was around 24 which is such good news. Both boys needed new incubators as they need clean one's every 7 days. They both had nose breaks whilst they were sorting the beds and wires out. Joseph was so sweet rolling around and making the most of his time without the mask on. He looked like he loved it! Xander also had a good wriggle and stretch. It was so lovely to see their faces again.

Matthew was feeling better so said he would pop in in the evening. I hadn't slept much the night before as I was worrying so much and as Matthew was coming in the evening I went home for some rest. Matthew was meant to be there for about 20 minutes but was having such a fun time watching the boys on another nose break that he stayed for another hour and a half! He was so happy when he got home and it was lovely to hear him so excited about their progress. We both keep reminding ourselves about the dreaded rollercoaster and know that everything could change today or tomorrow but to have one good day is bliss.

Keep it going boys!


 Joseph - so independent that he likes to hold his own facial oxygen!

 Cuddle with Xander

Joseph playing with his daddy


  1. Yeah for Happy Days!! Love it!!! Love that Joseph holds his own mask! hahahaha

  2. So relieved to read your blog today on returning home ...! Just love the photo of you Sophie with Xander tucked away ... Patricia x