Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Nappy pants!

The boys have done so well these last few days. Their O2 requirements have been much lower and they've both been a lot more settled which is lovely to see. Both have needed blood transfusions which I still find difficult but they look so much better and their O2 levels are much better afterwards too. I have to leave the room whilst they put the cannulas in as I dont trust myself not to rugby tackle the doctors to the ground for making my babies cry so much!

I havent held either of them for quite a while now but i'd rather they preserved their energy for growing their lungs. I'm desperate to hold them though, I miss my babies. I hold their hands and place my giant hand on their tiny backs but I want to hold them and look at them like a proper mum. One day.

Both boys have put on weight which is great! Joseph in particular has a little bit of padding on his thighs now - just a tiny bit but I love it. They're now both over 2lbs. Joey is 1140 grams and Xander is 1080 grams.

Thier little personalities are coming out too. Xander sleeps with all curled up with his hands over his face as if he's shy. He's also not so good with handling and does the sweetest sad face! Joey on the other hand likes to sleep spreadeagled (like his dad!) and copes a bit better with handling. He does big projectile poo's and wriggles a lot. He'll kick his blankets off and wriggles right down to the other end of the incubator. People say that twins should share a cot but i'm not sure Xander will get much room if we ever do that!

The boys are now having one hour off sipap and 6 hours on. It's so nice to see their little faces again. They still have O2 when off sipap but it's good progress and I'm so proud of them for doing so well. Keep growing those little lungs my babies, big breaths and one day we'll have you home where you belong.

Xander enjoying cuddles from daddy

 Xanders new nappy pants!

Joey in his nappy pants..he didnt like them as much!
Joey sleeping with one foot in the air before he kicked his covers and nesting off him!

Xander (with cannula) being stroked by daddy

 Joey taking it easy...reminds me so much of Matthew!

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  1. So happy...have been waiting for days to hear how they were doing!!! Great to hear that the past few days have been going well. Hope you are doing better too!! Lots of love!!