Monday, 30 January 2012

Crappy nappy

Yesterday before we left, I changed Xanders nappy and Matthew did Josephs. I opted for Xanders as he has less wires in and I get nervous that I'm going to pull one out or hurt Joey so Xander is a bit easier. Matthew is a lot braver than I am and takes it all in his stride. Annoying!

We finished the nappies and later that evening when we were at home, we called the hospital to see how they were doing. Debbie, one of our favourite nurses was looking after them. She told Matthew that someone had changed Xanders nappy and his willy wasn't facing the right way (who knew there was a right way?!) and he had done a wee all over himself and the bed - basically everywhere but the nappy!! Nooooo! Turns out it was a good thing as Debbie had to change the bed and she put Xander in with Joseph whilst she was doing it! They were both on Sipap breaks and she took a great photo of them holding hands! So amazingly sweet, it literally melted my heart.

She also took a little video of them together whch made me laugh so much! The video shows that Joseph wasn't at all sure about this new little person in his incubator and you can see him pushing Xander away. Xander looks all calm and a bit confused...then Joseph strokes Xanders face and it's almost as if he recognises his brother as they then hold hands and close their eyes for a little sleep. Totally adorable.

When they were in my tummy it was Joseph that was stretched right out - he was transverse and all Xander did was scrunch up in a ball and stick his bottom out. I loved stroking that little sticky outty bottom! It's no wonder then that Joseph likes his space but he soon remembered his brother and liked to hold on to him. They're going to be such good friends. Love them so much!

Our first family shot

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  1. Oh my goodness. They are just too adorable for words!