Monday, 30 May 2016

How to get through a 10hr day flight with ASDouble Trouble!

We are about to set off on a 10hr day flight to Florida to see one of the top doctors for ASD. With our twins. Who have ASD. 10 HOURS PEOPLE!!!

We have the ipad ready to go with as many apps as we can find, iphones at the ready and snacks galore but I've
created the mother of all toys to entertain children on a plane but my list is geared towards little one's with needs. There's no chance colouring or play dough will keep them going - we need sensory and highly engaging toys...and of course minions. 

Here we go:

Giant Minion Sticker books -we are going to stick stickers all over the plane. Sorry Virgin.
£3 Amazon

Minion Hats - thank you Primark £3 each

Tattoos!! We are going to decorate daddy's face. I especially like this one. 
Primark £2

Light up fingers £2 Tiger

Moustaches - who doesn't love a moustache! Tiger £2

Tiger - this one may not be a hit but worth a try - they'll love the noise even if they can't work it £3

Masks! Tiger £3 - I'll do the colouring and they'll do the wearing. 

One of mine loves numbers so a calculator is very exciting. And it's flourescent purple which glows -oh yes a clear winner. Also, numbered erasers shaped like animals...another few minutes gone £2 each.

Second hand V Tech camera - they can take their own pics of each other and drop it as many times as they like. £8

Yum boxes for their food ( in line with the Reid diet) £24.99 Amazon

Gel glow in the dark skeletons £3 amazon - we plan to stick these on the windows. Again - sorry Virgin!

 Melissa and Doug Scratch art £2.99 Amazon 

They love playing around in daddys flip flops so hopefully they'll be excited to have their own.
 £1 primark

All wrapped up in Minion wrapping paper - yes we'll have a whole bag of toys to carry onboard but we will have busy and excitable twins rather than bored and grizzly twins...she says. 

Fingers crossed it's enough to see them through!!!

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