Thursday, 19 April 2012

The finishing line

Over the last few days, the boys have picked up then of course slowed down and now again picked up. They're both feeding from bottles only and have found their lungs in a big way! Xander likes to use his to scream and shout when his dummy falls out of his mouth and Joeby likes to screech when he has a dirty nappy. They defintely like to copy each other and if one starts, the other will copy and will stop as soon as the other one stops. What a fun game to play!

Yesterday they decided to shout at the same time and after 10 minutes of trying to calm them down I was about to pull my hair out when I found a way of cradling them both at once using a scooping technique and then jiggling them from side to side. This is a real skill when trying to get fingers around all the O2 tubing! These new crys are a really good sign that they're behaving like proper babies now - not sure our neighbours will be as proud of them as I am!

So..the big news is that we are taking our boys home on MONDAY!!! As long as the boys keep feeding well and dont become ill then we're bringing our baby boys home! There have been a couple of days where it just didnt look possible but today has been good so fingers and toes crossed they come home where they belong. Matthew and I are rooming in at the hospital on Saturday night so the staff are happy that we can look after the boys and give them their meds etc. Then we have Sunday to recover (?!) and Monday we bring our babies home. The thought of having them at home makes me so happy I cant quite believe it's going to happen.

I've spent a long time being so afraid that these little fox cubs won't make it home and now it's becomming real I get a shiver just thinking about it. I felt so blessed when I found out I was pregnant and doubly blessed when I found out it was twins. These little miracle babies were so excited to see the world they decided to come out 3 months early and we're so lucky they're doing so well . Not all parents in the NNU can say the same and my heart goes out to them.

So, I will of course be filled with excitement on Monday but I'll wait until I'm outside of the unit to high five my boys. 

Come on now baby boys...we're almost at the finishing line!

Joey's face with no tubes!

 Xander in a big boy chair


 Joeby's new play toy!
 Xander keeping his dummy to hand (it accidentally got wedged inbetween his Oxygen tubes and stuck to his face!)


  1. WOW...FANTASTIC news, Soph!! Sooooooooo happy for you!! Get lots of sleep over the next couple of days!! I know how anxious you must be for Monday to arrive!! Will be praying extra hard for the boys over the weekend for them to stay strong enough to be able to go home and for the two of you to stay calm and enjoy having them home! Lots of love to you all!

  2. yeah!!! I'll keep fingers and toes crossed too - I know you'll be busy with the Fox Cubs at home but please don't stop undating the blogs!

    Patricia x

  3. Oh my Goodness! Oh My Goodness! OH MY GOODNESS!!! Soph! It is HERE!! The day you have been waiting for for so long. What a journey! I am SO, SO thrilled to read your news!

    Go little Foxcubs! Go, go go!!

    Make the most of those final nights just the two of you! It will be at least 20 years before that happens again! xxx