Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bottoms up!

Another couple of lovely days with the babies.  They're getting chubbier cheeks by the second which is great news! Weigh days are Thursdays and Sundays so tomorrow is another big day for them. I'm sure they've put on more weight as their feet have more padding and their bottoms arent just skin and bone anymore. If they take after their dad then their bottoms still have a lot of padding out to go! They're still the smallest babies in the unit and they only just fit into their clothes but they're definitely making progress.

Xander disgraced himself yesterday. I was changing his nappy and although it looked like he'd only done a wee, as soon as i lifted his bottom there was an almighty explosion of poo all over the incubator and all his wires and probes. After clearing that mess up, I lifted his bottom again and once again, he let rip and filled my entire hand with poo! He must have literally poo'd out half his body weight! Nurse Julie told me that earlier in the morning, Joey had done exactly the same thing...nothing wrong with their bowels then!

We move house this weekend and life has been hectic trying to get everything done so I'm really looking forward to getting settled. More importantly i'm getting excited about setting up the boys room! I finally feel confident that they will be coming home one day and I can't wait to get their cots up and ready for them. They'll share for the first few months as they seem to love being next to one another. If anyone has any good best buys for babies please let me know - I havent had time to read any baby books so I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts. My babies will come home one day...champers will flow!





  1. Please let me know if you want anything from the USA (don't know what but there may be something here you can't get there) ... I can get it and send it or whatever ... I am so very delighted to hear news of getting the room ready for the boys ... much love PAtricia (ps let me know if you want anything from over here via FB or email) ... xxxxxx

  2. Hi Soph,

    The boys are doing so well now. What a manic week you must have had! Congrats on the new place. Where abouts are you? Oh the fun you will have getting that room ready! I bet you just can't wait to bring them home to their new house.

    As for newborn essentials, I would say mine for both kids was a nighty. Not dont get me wrong... There are mascualine ones! They are a God send though as when you have to change the nappies through the night you dont have to walk them up or be fiddling with poppers. I have attatched a link below. They do have a certain name but I can't recall it, I am sure it is something more masculine though. Lets face it, even pansy is more masculine than flower! But do not be deterred! They make life so much easier... and look cute with a pair of fluffy bed socks (that stay on for all of 10 mins if your lucky)!

    Please text me your address when you get a chance honey.

    Lots of love,

    Bec. x

  3. Hi Soph! It is so lovely to see the boys looking so chubby and cheery! An electric steamer is a must to get everything sterile at the click of a button and a tumble dryer (if you don't have one get one second hand).

    Oh and a life times supply of baby wipes as you seem to have learned already ;)

    Lots of love xxx